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Grasp the subtleties of English sounds.

Mimic a native speaker and compare your own recordings.

Ondle apps are for people who want to improve their English reading and pronunciation by learning the relationships between letters and sounds.

Use the reference app for in-depth study and the game app to test your knowledge!

British English Sounds

This self-study app helps adult learners recognise and pronounce 50 British English sounds – with all their spelling combinations! It contains over 500 high-quality recordings of common words by a native speaker with Oxford English accent.

The app covers all consonants, pure vowels and sliding vowels (diphthongs).

Learners have the opportunity to recognise, read and speak words, building phonic awareness as they go.

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Watch the 1:30-minute video to see what is in the reference app.


British English Sounds Game

Do you have difficulty hearing and distinguishing different English sounds?

If so, we've got you covered! Most learners bring habits from their mother tongue into their English speech. We’ve designed the British English Sounds game so you can have fun practising difficult sound pairs, using common words carefully selected to be tricky for your mother tongue.

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