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FREE phonics game app to help you get your sounds right

Learn to play the game

Match English sounds and spellings until you’ve earned enough nuts to progress to the next level.

Keep the graphs green in pursuit of perfection!

Save up your nuts to trade for more words (or just buy them if you’re impatient!)

Be careful – it’s tricky! The app knows which sounds are hardest from your native language …

Play the game to learn

Learning the letter-sounds of English improves your accent, fluency and confidence. It helps your reading and writing as well as your speaking.

Designed to complement the Ondle Phonics British Sounds reference app, the Sounds Game app covers all 50 sounds of English, with over 200 words for free. To challenge yourself even further, you can add more words via in-app purchases or earn them by perfecting your scores.

Different speakers have different problems. 20 linguistic origins are covered: Arabic, Chinese, Dravidian (e.g. Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam), Dutch, Farsi, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay / Indonesian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Scandinavian, South Asian, Spanish, Swahili, Thai, Turkish, West African, ‘Other’.

You will not only practise sound pairs but also learn the phonetic spellings as you go along, which are difficult to grasp for many language learners. The app uses the same phonetic spelling as the Oxford University Press, so it will be hugely beneficial when learning to pronounce new words from dictionaries.


Challenge yourself to find the correct letter-sounds in a given word

Familiarise yourself with the phonetic spellings with next to no effort

Record yourself saying the word and compare your pronunciation to the native speaker’s; understand better where your habits catch you out

Keep track of your progress by checking the bar charts regularly to see how well you are doing

Set Ondle reminders to test your English letter-sounds every day

And most importantly: have FUN!

Designed for smooth experience

English learners have praised the app for the audio recordings, ease of use and appearance.

Requires no internet connection: the audio recordings are part of the app.

Detects low-volume and headphone insertion.

Remembers where you left off.





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